Small Business Entrepreneurship Program

Executive Summary

At the epicenter of the American Dream lies a deferment of education and resources in underserved and underprivileged communities. The fundamental purpose of the Small Business Entrepreneurship Program (SBEP) is to confront these identified challenges and empower students through groundbreaking opportunities, innovative explorations, comprehensive learning, and hands-on experiences. This educational offering will provide traditional and non-traditional undergraduate business school students across the nation, who primarily emerge from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds, an opportunity to participate in a new state-of-the-art two-year program.

SBEP students will be afforded a true disruptive transformative educational format and environment of learning through a two-course program (a junior and senior level course) consisting of longitudinal mentoring, strategic seminars and trainings, and a required two-year field/internship experience. These students will undergo a rigorous educational process, transitioning them from a state of dependency to a place of ownership through securing necessary capital to launch sustainable businesses. This disruptive approach to education will transform the traditional trajectory of students graduating from business school and entering corporate America by creating pathways to leading and owning small businesses.

These new small business owners will make a significant contribution to ending the widening wealth, income, degree investment returns, and time-to-degree completion gaps between socially and economically disadvantaged populations and the dominant culture. The SBEP creates 42,525 new jobs and 1,000 new business owners over a span of five years, yielding transformative new income and wealth for disadvantaged families and communities.

Project Overview

The Small Business Entrepreneurship Program (SBEP) is a two-year innovative, disruptive transformative education program for traditional and non-traditional college students interested in launching and leading their own small businesses. Through the completion of two groundbreaking courses, Foundations of Small Business Entrepreneurship (a junior course) and Advanced Small Business Entrepreneurship (a senior course), a two-year field/internship experience, and strategic workshops, seminars and trainings, students become legal small business owners and obtain the necessary capital to establish and operate their small businesses successfully and sustainably.