Dream of Humanity, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, provides the following programs to higher education and business organizations to develop students’ entrepreneurial mindset and their ability to reach their business goals. For some organizations, DOH also delivers fundraising and grant writing services to help fund program sustainability.

Student Entrepreneurs of America

This high school curriculum teaches financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and life skills, and can be delivered through a course or club.

Bridge To College

This intensive junior/senior summer program focuses on purpose, leadership, college knowledge, and entrepreneurship.

Student Support System

Turnkey student wraparound services keep students in school through critical supports such as childcare, food, and mental health.

Small Business Entrepreneurship Program

The SBEP provides an intensive education that transforms students’ perceptions of themselves, their goals, and their dreams for the workplace.

Start-Up Incubator Program

Students compete in campus-wide and national Shark Tank-style competitions to obtain funding for their new businesses.

The Antonio Brown Town Hall

Our executive director provides an inspirational account of his life’s path through hardship and toward a meaningful life.